We are a small but experienced firm that will focus on your individual needs, and always treat you like a client who matters.  We offer a limited, but specialized range of professional services.


QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

We are QuickBooks Online Certified and a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor Company.  We can evaluate your Company’s accounting software needs and recommend an appropriate version of QuickBooks.  For example, QuickBooks Desktop has an “Enterprise” version that can specialize in various industries such as construction or manufacturing.  Or perhaps you want to be able to access your accounting information from anywhere there is internet service!  QuickBooks Online allows you to do this and could possibly be the best solution.

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Troubled Business Guidance

Many businesses find themselves in financial trouble.  More times than not, the problems start with unpaid sales and/or I.R.S. payroll taxes.  What are a company’s options?  How are profitability issues identified and solved?  Perhaps the best thing to do is look at a Chapter 11 reorganization.  Should assets be sold or should a low profitability segment be discontinued? We can provide guidance in navigating an uncertain future path.

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Choice of Business Entity Guidance

The business entity that you select can have significant legal and tax implications.  Should you form a “C” Corporation or an “S” Corporation, or an LLC, or a partnership, or a sole proprietor?  It depends on a number of variables and we can provide guidance to assist you in sorting through the pros and cons of each option.

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Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business is fraught with traps.  We are experienced in many of the overlooked details that even lawyer-prepared contracts sometimes miss.  Should one buy or sell the corporate stock or the assets and start a new Company?  Is there a successor liability trap? How are the assets valued?  What is the valuation strategy for buyer and seller?   What kind of content does the I.R.S. look for in the sale/purchase agreement?  Is the price fair?  Even if it’s a matter of reviewing the legal document before signing, we can help!

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Financial Analysis

What is a Company’s working capital and what should it be?  Is there a proper optimization of how much long-term debt a Company should have?  What is the difference between cash flow and profitability?  What is a Company’s break-even point?  Should a long-term asset purchase be made?  What are the criteria for making such decisions?  The financial statements of a Company tell a story about the business.  Let us tell that story!

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I.R.S. Representation

We have extensive experience in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service.  We won’t promise the world like many national radio ads but will give you the legal options all taxpayers have available to them.  We have represented clients in field, office, and correspondence audits, offers in compromise, installment agreements, levy releases, liens, and appeals.

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Tax Preparation & Planning

We have extensive experience with business (corporate, partnership, and sole proprietor) and individual federal income tax preparation.  We also assist clients with tax research, planning, and consulting.  We understand the hierarchy of authority when it comes to tax law and have the ability to research tax court, appellate court, and Supreme court decisions.

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